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For those looking for a Natural, Eco-friendly, Hand-poured Candle you will love our Coconut wax candles. 

Tar's hand poured candles are made with 100% Pure Coconut wax. They are scented with exquisite fragrances, blends and essential oils, produced within New Zealand. We also offer a range of crystal & botanical embedded candles for just a touch more decadence and personality. Please refer to our specialty range when shopping. Wedding favours, baby showers, remembrance candles ... Tar's Candle Co can meet YOUR needs.

The current range consists of Modern, Classic and our supremely popular Specialty candles. 

At Tar's we are always looking for new and inspiring design options so please feel free to discuss any personalised candle ideas you may have, we will endeavor to help. Please email us here, we would love to hear from you.

        The face and vision behind the brand.

Why Coconut Wax?

Our hand poured candles are made from Pure Coconut wax is made from cold-pressed organic coconut meat. 

Coconut is considered a renewable, sustainable crop due to the high yield and crop renewal per acre. The wax used is Eco-friendly, sustainable, non GMO and is without pesticides. It is bright white in colour and does not have a fleshy coconut scent. 

Coconut wax is superior in its ability to retain any fragrance or essential oil when not in use and during burn time.

Burns longer than other natural candles. 125 gram candle has up to 28 hr burn time. 

This beautiful product is finished with natural cotton wicks.

Fragrance Range

Our range of Fragrance and Essential oils is vast. 

At Tar's candles we have provided all the classics, available for selection, as well as some original blends that we believe will captivate and invigorate your mood and senses. 

Please enjoy the classics and DO try our more exotic fragrances and blends. Dare to be different.

Essential Oils and Blend options

The essential oils selected for use by Tar's Candle Co are from the highest quality local sources. We wanted to support small local business where possible without compromising quality. 

Our Lavender essential oil is sourced from Alphra Lavender Farm in Kihikihi, a tiny town in South Waikato. Alphra Lavender produces quality essential oil in their own distillery. 

Neuro Harmony, Paige prepares our specialty blends and has a wealth of knowledge. Paige has been an invaluable asset to Tar's Candles producing our quality essential oil blends.

Candles for the environment

At Tar's Candle Co we care about the environment. Our goal is to make a special product that is sustainable and Eco-friendly. 

Check out some of our ideas for repurposing your beautiful candle holder. Candle Care

Hand-poured candles make great gifts!

Please enjoy looking through our range of candles and purchasing via our online store.

Our gift range is coming soon so look out for these.


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