Meet Tara

Tara was 10 years old

She wanted to start her own candle business as a small hobby to earn money to go to Scotland to visit her Uncle and Aunt. 

Tara and her Mum, Rochelle researched how to make candles using quality products and packaging ideas and launched their initial small range for sale in August 2018. Product development took some time to get right but Tara persevered with her research and with the help of some amazing friends and family her small hobby became a business.

When Tara's friends were having sleepovers and hanging out during the weekends Tara stayed home to help meet the demands of her growing business. She was dedicated and motivated to fulfil orders that were coming in from her small business concept.

Customers simply loved the product

Word of mouth spread quickly. Friends and family members were recruited to help meet the increasing demand for Tar's candles.

Tara was 10 years old when she started
Tara was 10 years old when she started

Support from friends never goes unnoticed

Support from friends never goes unnoticed

Success of the business

Tara had raised enough money from candle sales to have spending money for her family trip to Scotland, which was both well-deserved and thoroughly enjoyed. Tara was given the choice to wind up the business, as the target had been achieved, or to continue. 

Tara wanted to continue, and this meant advertising the product to increase the market potential. Tara's cousin Jess Pike, who has believed in Tara and the product from the outset, was brought in to help set up a Facebook page to market Tar's Candle Co to a broader market. Jess is a self-employed hairdresser and Wedding planner in Auckland and has been an invaluable asset to Tara and the business.

Invaluable lessons were learnt

From researching to production to pricing of raw materials and other costs to make a profit. Other lessons were how to save money, initially for Tara's holiday and now to buy more product. Tara has improved her math skills, learnt budgeting, time management and commitment to follow through on any project. However, the most important lesson has been how important her family and friends are in supporting her business idea. Tara has learnt gratitude for every kindness she has been given.

Tara's family experienced a very difficult time supporting a family member with terminal breast cancer. The diagnosis was too late and for five months the family's lives were on hold as they supported her struggle, she passed in January 2020. Tara had some savings from her candle business and wanted to give this to her Aunt to 'get better from the cancer'. This is a testament to the young entrepreneur’s nature and generous spirit. Her family are understandably immensely proud of Tara. 

The heartbreak of breast cancer was discussed

It was decided that Tar's Candle Co would donate to the Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust (WBCRT).

Tara's other interests include loving her animals, She has three Labradors one chocolate (Mya), one black (Koda) and one golden (Print) and two Ragdoll cats (Oreo and Muffin). She loves dance, netball, riding her bike and hoverboard and, of course, hanging out with friends. Tara has integrity, a passion for everything she does and a beautiful spirit.

Tar's Candle Company are committed to offering a quality, enduring and special product to customers.  We hope you enjoy and share the products offered by Tar's Candle Co.

Reuse, Recycle or Repurpose

If you LOVE our candles and are committed to preserving our beautiful environment, like we are at Tar's, check out some of our ideas to repurpose your beautiful candle containers. Again, we would love to see, contact us, your creative concepts on ways to repurpose the candle holders. Tar's offers Refill options for Reuse or simply Repurpose your vessel, the choice is yours.

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