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Rose Gold

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An elegant candle, we all need a little gold in our lives and stunning addition to any decor. The candle holder is multifunctional for use in either modern or casual settings with a stunning rose gold metallic mirror finish. The silver mirror finish on the inside reflects a nice white flame. Be sure to select a fragrance (from our drop-down list) to match your purchase and personality.

Wicks are 100% natural. They are Zinc and Lead free.

Wax Weight:  220 grams

Burn Time: up to 55 hours

Dimensions: Height 97mm, Diameter 78mm.

Ingredients: Coconut Wax, Cotton Wicks, Fragrance Oils  

Crystals and Botanicals: 

  • Rose Quartz with Rose petals
  • Amethyst with Lavender flowers
  • Agate with Calendula
  • Citrine with Chamomile 
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