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Our popular Classic Range is now available in our crystal options.

Choose from either Black or White to suit your room!
The Classic candle jar is a durable tumbler. It is available in either gloss black or white. The non-toxic paint used is oven baked into the tumbler for a super tough finish. Be sure to select a fragrance (from our drop-down list) to match your purchase and personality. 
Wicks are 100% natural. They are Zinc and Lead free. 

Wax Weight:  170 grams

Burn Time: approx. 48 hours

Dimensions: Height 89 mm, Diameter 77mm.

Ingredients: Coconut Wax, Cotton Wicks, Fragrance Oils

Crystal meanings

Rose Quartz Crystal

Is the stone of the Heart, a crystal of unconditional Love, Happiness and Passion.

For "Enabling a space of love and compassion to strengthen relationships"

Amethyst Crystal

Is the stone of Healing, a crystal for Relaxation, Peace and Intuition.

For, "Creating a space of serenity and purity in truth to ease unnecessary stress".

Agate Crystal

Is the stone of rebalancing, a crystal of harmonising body, mind and spirit.

For, "Providing a grounding energy for stability and confidence".

Citrine Crystal

Is the stone of Energy, a crystal of wealth, prosperity, and success. Love, Happiness and Passion.

For "Manifestation of prosperity, long life and comfort"

Crystal size changes depending on availability, we do our best to ensure the size is similar

SKU: 10000-14 TAGS: Coconut & Lime, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Frangipani, French Pear, Jasmine, White Tea & Ginger, Eucalyptus Matcha Tea, Clean Linen, Clean Shaven

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