Amber Candle Refill Kit - 220 gms

Amber Range



Tar's Candle refill packs are designed to minimise waste and maximise sustainability, our refills come in our current fragrance range.

We also offer our refill options for Tar's Candle Vessel in the following

  • Tin Candle Range - 100gms
  • Classic Candle Range - 170gms
  • Amber candle Range 220gms
  • Deluxe Candle Range 380gms
  • Geo Classic Range, wooden wick 200gms

Included in your pack:

  • Fragranced wax - 100% Coconut Wax
  • Cotton Wick 
  • Wick Stabiliser
  • Instructions 

Simply clean and prepare your Tar's Candle vessel, heat your wax and pour into the vessel then let it set. 

Ensure you read our detailed instructions on how to safely clean and refill your candle vessel, this will be included in your kit.

As our packs are designed for Tar's candle vessel range.

SKU: 10000-304 TAGS: Angel Wings, Precious Baby, Coconut & Lime, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Vanilla & Coconut, Black Linen & Amber, Sauvage Fragrance

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