Caring for your candles

Candle Safety Tips

Failure to follow the instructions may result in injury, smoke damage and potentially FIRE. 

NEVER leave your candle unattended. Only burn on a level surface and never longer than 3 hours at any one time.

Keep your candle, at safe distance, from any cherubs including pets, drafts, other heat sources and anything flammable.

Always check wick is trimmed before lighting. Discontinue burning candle when you have less than 1.5cm of wax remaining. Never burn the candle dry. Heard the phrase 'too hot to handle'? Please take care if moving your candle jar.

Caring for your Crystal Candle

Your candle can be fully enjoyed with your embedded crystal, intact. Unfortunately the botanicals will fade, as it is with all things organic. 

To ensure your crystal/s remain pristine with their enchantments, symbolism and healing powers it is recommended to remove them before your candle is fully expired. Simply clean off wax residue, warm soapy water works a treat, place in sunlight, under a full-moon or rainwater to recharge their energy.

Any of our candle range can be embedded with crystals and/or botanicals. Please get in touch, we are here for Contact Us.

For your crystal care click Here for Paige's crystal safety, uses and tips on crystal and essential oils.

Candle and Wick Care

Candle and wick Care tips to enhance the longevity of YOUR candle.

At Tar's we want you to enjoy your beautiful candle for its full life expectancy. Please read the following tips to get the most from YOUR candle.

Prevent tunnelling also known as memory rings. This is when the candle does not fully melt to the edge of the candle jar. This will happen with any candle, including those factory produced.

Here are some tips to prevent this:

  1. During first use let your candle fully melt the top layer of wax. Do this by carefully tilting the candle to allow the hot wax to cover, and melt, the entire wax perimeter to the outer edges. If this step is not done the next time you use your candle it will burn within the previous memory ring. This results in waste of wax that contains the beautiful fragrance and essential oils embedded within. The value of your candle is therefore diminished.
  2. Already have memory rings? No problem, try this: You may need to trim any unmelted wax away from the edges to allow a full melt. This must be done before you relight your candle. Now follow step one: Light your candle and allow wax to fully melt, within any remaining memory ring, then tilt to cover solid wax to outer edges and voila, no remaining memory ring!

Trim your wick regularly to within 0.6cm is perfect. This ensures a consistent burn every time. If you do not trim 'mushrooming' will occur, a burnt wick that curls down. Mushrooming encourages unnecessary smoke, an incorrect burn and frankly an unsightly mess on the surface of your candle. For this reason Tar's recommends a good ole trim! Obviously wick trimmers are the ideal solution but sharp scissors will also work.

Keep your candle away from direct sunlight. Discolouration can occur and the fragrance could be distorted. Please note: Some fragrances colour the pure white coconut wax and the product will have a slight yellowy tinge, Jasmine fragrance is one example Frangipani is another. 

Finally, please read and follow the warning. Use of this product requires an open flame, as such, caution should be taken.

Failure to follow the instructions may result in injury, smoke damage or fire. NEVER leave your candle unattended. Only burn on a level surfaces away from drafts. Keep away from children, pets and proximity to flammable items, think 'candle in the wind' meets curtain, NOT SAFE.

Reuse, Recycle or Repurpose

Just a few ideas for Repurposing YOUR Tar's candle container.

At Tar’s Candles, we are very conscious of the environment and sustainability and want you to refill, we can help with that, OR repurpose your beautiful container. 

PREPARING YOUR CONTAINER. Our labels are easily removed. Melt the remaining wax residue and discard or use a teaspoon to remove excess wax and the wick. Any residual wax or glue from the wick can be removed with hot soapy water. Once cleaned, dry with paper towels or cloth and your ready to get creative! If intended use is for food storage ensure extra care is taken during the cleaning process.

Modern or Classic candle Jars

Suitable for storing food within the fridge, seals airtight.

  1. Cotton buds or balls
  2. Makeup (including mascara or lipstick)
  3. Pen holder for the office desk
  4. Tealight holders
  5. Float petals or flowers

Luxe - Candle jar

  1. Flower vase
  2. Pots for succulents
  3. Cutlery, napkin holder
  4. Fairy lights
  5. Messy bathroom bits: combs, toothbrushes & paste, razors

Tin candles

Great for Office, sewing or hobby, dips and chutneys. Tin lids will keep everything tidy.

  1. Holding paper clips pins and rubber bands
  2. Sewing pins, needles and buttons
  3. Hair ties and bobby pins
  4. Dried botanicals including herbs and spices
  5. Rustic containers to fill on platters
  6. Special memorabilia: baby teeth, first hair cut

Here are some ideas. Get creative and send us a photo!

Makeup brush holder!

Makeup brush holder!
keeping your crystals or special stones!

keeping your crystals or special stones!
For Tins and Buttons

For Tins and Buttons
Plant succulents or herbs

Plant succulents or herbs

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