Candle Care Set of 3 - Black

Candle Tools



Looking after your candle can improve the life of your candle, candle tools are a great addition for those candle lovers.

Black Stainless Steel set

1x Candle Snuffer 

Using a candle snuffer minimizes smoke and it is a safe way to extinguish your candle. It also stops particles from the wick being blown into the wax pool beneath the wick. 

1x Wick Trimmer

It's always advised to trim your wicks to 1/4 length prior to lighting, and this wick trimmer ensures you can, it helps with the reduction of soot and smoke from a wick that is left too long.

1x Candle Wick Hook (Wick Dipper)

have you ever experienced your wick falling over into the melted wax?, if you have then you will know how frustrating that is. Our Candle wick hook keeps your hands away from the hot wax by using the hook to lift the wick out of the wax. It can also be used to extinguish your candle by carefully pushing the wick down into the melted wax and then lifting it back up ready for the next time you light it. Doing this you risk the wick soot being dispersed into the wax.

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